prepare for your route


Tips to enjoy
your cycling experience in Girona.

If you are planning a cycling adventure in the Girona region, here are some tips so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Before you head out riding, make sure you know the routes available and choose the one that best suits your skill level and training goals. You can consult with our team of coaches or search online to find the perfect route for you. Also, always carry a map or GPS so you don’t get lost.

The weather in Girona can be unpredictable, so make sure you are prepared for any situation. Always carry clothing appropriate for the weather, such as thermal jackets and windbreakers, and don’t forget sun protection and sunglasses on sunny days.

Before you head out, make sure your bike is in good condition and that all components are adjusted and working properly. This includes brakes, gears, tires and chain. If you have any questions, you can consult our team of mechanics for professional maintenance.

When sharing the road with other cyclists and drivers, it is important to maintain respectful and safe behavior. Obey traffic signs and rules of the road, use lights and reflectors to be visible, and always keep a safe distance from other cyclists and cars.

It is important to stay hydrated and fed during your trip. Carry enough water and energy-dense foods to avoid dehydration and exhaustion. You can also plan your stops at local shops or restaurants to try the delicious cuisine of the area.